Meet Our Pastor & Mission Family

Pastor & Family

Our Pastor is Jack Kraus.  He has worked as a carpenter, a math teacher, principal in a Christian school, and sales rep in the construction industry. Pastor Jack is currently  the Pastor of Liberty Corner Bible Church, as well as serving as an  instructor in biblical studies at the New York School of the Bible, and as a hospice chaplain.  He is a graduate of Baptist Bible College (now Clarks Summit University), Marywood College (now Marywood University) and Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia). Pastor Kraus uses the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, to teach, to preach the good news of Jesus Christ.

Pastor married  Shirley Einfeldt, a daughter of missionaries to Central Africa,  in 1973. They have two grown children and ten grandchildren. Mrs. Kraus while being a wife and mother also served in the public school system as a school nurse.

Our Missionaries

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few…” (Luke 10:2). It is our privilege to support the laborers on the  foreign mission fields listed below.

The intent of Liberty Corner Bible Church is to support laborers on foreign mission fields as well as  be a training facility for laborers in the local harvest fields where our church members live.


Sister Monika Gottschild – Senior Missionary of 29 years serving the residents and staff of “Bethesda” Home for Challenged Children and Adults, in Hualien, Taiwan.

Karl and Kathy Schulz -Karl and Kathy have been in Taiwan since 1993. Karl works as a church planter and field leader of LCM Taiwan. Karl and Kathy have three children, Aurora, Ben, and David.


Fran Ueda – Fran Ueda has been with LCM in Tokyo since 1981 –  She works with Church Leadership and as Field Leader overseeing the young church-plants.

Rie Miura and Kazue Tanaka – the Ria Miura and Kazue Tanaka team are church planters in Awara, Fukui prefecture. Tradition and religious customs prevail in their provincial area making Christianity unpopular and unwelcome there. They ask for prayer support.

Shoko & Andy Pfeiffer – Shoko & Andy Pfeiffer are stationed in North Kobe and are working to plant new Churches in that area.

Michiyo & Shinya Fujita – Michiyo & Shinya are involved in church planting in the Sendai area where in 2011 the tsunami/earthquake disaster claimed nearly 20,000 lives.

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Wycliffe recognizes at least 7000 languages of which there are more than 1600 languages that do not have a single word of scripture in a language they can clearly understand. That number represents up to 160 million people.

Wycliffe works in partnership with local communities and believers in order to help them identify their Bible translation needs and achieve their goals. Depending on the needs, Wycliffe may also assist with literacy, language documentation, Scripture use and more. It is our privilege to help support Wycliffe’s mission through two missionaries from Liberty Corner, NJ. Since they are working in a hostile-to-Christian location their names and location will not be shared at this time. .


Tafadzwanashe Tadeyo – T. Tadeyo, the son of a pastor, is working with children and young adults to plant a new church in Zimbabwe.

TentMakers Bible Mission

Paulo and Janis Alencar – Paulo and Janis serve in Fortaleza,  Brazil as church planters, dealing primarily with trafficked and addicted women in the House Of Hope, as well as with the local youth through sports outreach.

Brazil is believed to have the highest use of crack in the world. The great majority of the ladies who come to the House of Hope are addicted to this deadly drug. The Alencar’s passion is to reach souls with the amazing message of God’s love that will transform lives.

Please put House of Hope on your prayer list,…..Paulo and Janis Alencar.

War Zone

Enemy soldiers over ran and now occupy the Christian university of our sister church in this war zone.  The pastor and congregation struggle  to supply spiritual and , as feasible, physical food to both Christians and non-Christians in their congregation and community. They have chosen to remain on their mission field, but the military battles in that region could necessitate a change at any time. We pray for them, are encouraged by their courage,  and count it a privilege to support, as feasible, their Christian work.